Alcohol and the introvert

Went out last night. A friend was in town for the night who i haven’t seen in like 2 years. She had to leave kinda early but it was good seeing her. Ran into a couple other friends, went back to their place and smoke. Good talks and folks. Alex gave me a new scarf. For the most part I stuck to small groups within a crowded bar, and kept my consumption under control. I tend to combat the excessive stimuli with shots to the point that I get really manic and spend way too much money. Not a good combo. Last night was good, though.

There’s a bunch of weird drama and selfishness going on on the home front. I am at a loss with the best way to deal with it but imma try my best. It’s absurd because when confronted with a lot of hurt this person has fostered in me they immediately made it this big drama with crying and “I ruin everything” and blah. I intend to attempt to talk through this with this person but them immediately making it about themselves is an issue. Idk.

The travel mug I used for my tea today tastes like coffee. Blegh.


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